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For many years I've wanted to start a little business that I would be able to spread my creative wings and JD would be able to put his building talent to work, but the timing just never seemed right. Last year, when our dear friend's daughter was engaged to be married, she was on the hunt for farmtables to use at her upcoming reception. Since JD's been building for the past 30 years, we knew his attention to detail would be reflected in his craftsmanship and that he would build some amazing tables to share with Olivia on her special day. After many conversations and much soal searching, we decided to give it a go. We agreed to build 12 farmtables and 24 farmbenches for the reception and.....Foxtail Rentals was born! We are so glad we took the leap and are amazed at the response we've received from our clients and their guests. We are blown away at the number of special order requests that we've received and we're actually contemplating taking on some of those requests! It hasn't been easy and we've had our moments of doubt, but we are so glad we jumped into the event rental business. We are truly humbled and honored to be working with so many amazing brides and event planners. We've set some pretty big goals and are so excited about the direction we are going...stay tuned, we will be creating some fun, fresh, new pieces to add to our collection. We cant wait to hear how we can help you create your perfect event. 


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